This original RHD BN1 was delivered to Car Mart in London in September 1954.

In recent years is has been changed to replicate the famous 100S racers with alloy body panels, oval grille and recognisable white over blue paintwork and matching wire wheels.

This car is not trying to be a 100% copy and certainly not at this price but it does have a replica S engine with modified Weslake head and exhaust exiting under the RH door.

Other modifications include Dunlop disc brakes all round, alternator, alloy radiator, rack and pinion steering, telescopic dampers and large capacity alloy fuel tank.

Correct 140mph speedo, oil temp gauge and perspex screen give an accurate view from the leather trimmed slotted seats.

This is a real head-turner, on-the-button and loads of fun. A no frills 100S look-a-like at a bargain price.

Please note we are selling this on behalf of a customer and the mileage is not known.