Access to several original 100S’s over three decades has enabled us to build this stunning 100S copy.

Here’s a brief overview to highlight the complexity of this car.

The S has its origins in the road-going 100 but had racing as it’s priority which dictated changes to the steel chassis frame and the creation of an all-alloy bodyshell with hand rivetted inner superstructure. Externally, the car is instantly recognisable by its oval grille, perspex racing screen and white over blue racing paintwork but differences from the standard cars do not stop there.

Performance demands dictated the engine crankcase and cylinder-head were reconfigured, altering crossflow, resulting in the exhaust exiting under the driver’s door. Other mechanical tell-tales include the finned oil cooler, large capacity fuel tank and reserve pump system, special dynamo and distributor to name just a few. Brakes are significantly different with a one-off disc brake system being designed exclusively for the S.

Electrics are similar to standard but for safety reasons we have added a trafficator and indicators, but otherwise, the view from the leather trimmed slotted racing seat is the same as in a real car. The steering wheel is from an original car and the dashboard includes the rare correct 100S plaque engraved with DMH’s signature.

The car has some appearances scheduled this Summer but will be available to buy afterwards subject to the completion of road-test miles.

The project donor vehicle is an original UK RHD BN1 supplied to Donald Healey Motors Ltd at Warwick in November 1953, it retains its original UK green logbook and registration number.

The purchaser will receive a detailed photographic record of its build and a BMIHT Production Record certificate.

To secure this unique vehicle please contact Steve Norton.

PRICE – £275,000

Call – 0044 (0)1527 521633. 

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